Thursday, March 06, 2014

thursday thoughts

apsis seminar email marketing

It has been a long long day. But also a very good day. Inspiring and (in a good way) tiring.

~ A very early morning showed benevolent sunshine, frost and mist (it was so beautiful I would have loved to crawl around with the camera in a field somewhere trying to capture something magic. Instead I spent it on the bus and train. But I'm relieved to report I survived the morning rush hour).

~ I attended a fun and inspiring breakfast (sans breakfast because I'm no fan of mingle with food) seminar about email marketing, marketing automation and lead management. Some parts where really enlightening (the Obama campaign-case above was one) others rather in your face sales pitch ridiculous. Bromos and tradesman jargon is really off-putting. But all and all I think it was a couple of well-spent hours.

~ I lost a mitten. A favourite kind of mitten. I'm pretty certain I lost it at the seminar so hopefully I'll get it back.

~ Another day of distinct spring in the air, albeit the morning frost. What a feeling!

a dog in the window

~ There was an übercute dog in a window. And the fact that s/he got the hiccups made her/him even cuter. I wish there were more dogs in shop windows, because they can make a day.

apsis seminar email marketing

~ I had a simple lunch with soy-latte in the window seat of a favourite cafe (the weekend morning breakfast place). It was a lovely way to collect the post-seminar thoughts and get some work done. I loved how surprisingly quiet and peaceful the usually very busy cafe happened to be at lunch time. I also love how the latte heart is still visible when you've finished your coffee. I left a heart behind.

~ Was very visibly reminded of the fact that something great and happy didn't happen this week (it is a public campaign that has sadly not at all been made the most of). But it also strengthened my conviction regarding this matter. This too will be resolved.

~ Rounding the day off with finishing a copywriting assignment. And a good feeling of another job well done.

~ Fresh juice of the day was carrot (surprise!), apple and physalis. I was also reminded by the bobbaloos that such a glass of juice is always best enjoyed with a content matching hat. Next time I will drink the juice wearing a little carrot cap chap's hat. I'm sure that'll heighten the juicy experience.

food with a touch of bobbaloo

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