Wednesday, March 19, 2014

all the pretty windows

spring windows
while winter decided on a comeback the other day one can at least feast the eyes on all the pretty, perky, inspiring spring window displays. 

above from one of my favourite shops, bric-a-brac. not interested in purchasing but i get inspired to rummage through my own (extensive) wardrobe to put something similar together. i read an article about that today. second hand in your own wardrobe, the things you don't remember having.

spring windows
spotted ART shoes in a shoe shop that has left me cold before. suddenly i'm warming, getting spring feelings!

spring windows
you can always rely on lush displays getting you in a good mood. very eastery and fun!

spring windows
the dress i had no idea i needed until i saw it - the squirrel dress! 

well, not too keen on the model or the finish (the shop in question makes the dresses/shirts/vests and the quality of sewing leaves a bit to be desired) but i adore the fabric! i would love to make a simple skirt of it. that would be squirellicious, wouldn't you agree?

seen any fabulous springy
window displays recently?


Unknown said...

The window displays certainly remind you of Spring!

Poppy Q said...

Love those shop windows. The grey and black shoes look lovely.

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