Saturday, March 08, 2014

vegan chocolate bisque treat

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Got these samples of vegan chocolate bisques (chokladbiskvier in Swedish) from a friend the other day. Now and then I have a bisque, not a favourite pastry as such, I'm no fan of butter cream, but sometimes, well it's a nice wee thing to have for fika.

This was the first time I enjoyed a vegan one (basically you swap two ingredients to milk free butter and milk free chocolate, hey presto vegan) and it was delightful! And the butter cream wasn't buttery at all thus it was actually much better than a regular bisque as far as I'm concerned.

I will try and bake this myself, but so far I have not been able to find any milk free butter that doesn't contain palmoil (which sadly continue to be my major issue with too many vegan food items) so until then, no vegan bisque making for me. Alas.


Elephant's Child said...

They do look good. And palm oil is an issue with rather a lot of food here too.

Marie said...

I've also been searching for a palmoil-free "smör" to use in cooking. It makes it so difficult to make an informed choice as a consumer when they hide the contents under another name. I was using Calshamns Milk-Free, only to discover that the "solid vegetable fat" was a mix of coconut and palm oil. And that the added Vitamin D was from an animal source! I know that they only hide palmoil because it's a political hot potato at the moment and the subject of a big Greenpeace drive.

For something to spread on bread, I use the recipe in this blog. However, it's not suitable for baking. I haven't got a huge choice living here, but the best one I've found for baking is Biofoods Kokosfett Eko. But I'm always looking out for something better.

Sienna Smythe said...

Looks super!!

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