Sunday, March 09, 2014

puss with boots

one cat and five boots

Shoes and bobbaloos. Ever since I realized I'm addicted very fond of a certain type of shoes and bobbaloos I've been meaning to have a grand, proper photo session involving both. As I fear such a distinct proof of my madness fondness would perhaps lead to custodial care I've not gotten around to it. Yet.

This photo however is more about saying thanks for the great companionship through the winter that was, dear boots, it'll soon be hibernation time for you, some special TLC before you get to rest in your boxes for six months. And no matter what I do, there's always at least one inspector doing their duty. Puss and boots.

I remember how awful it felt finally having to say goodbye to the long last summer, to succumb to the fact that you had to wear socks and stockings in shoes. As much as I'm looking forward to lighter, warmer days, I'm now aware that I will feel the same when the opposite is a fact, it'll be difficult to yield saying goodbye to socks and stockings, there's always something strangely defenseless and skinless about bare legs initially.

Having to hibernate a certain fabulous coat will not be an easy thing to do... But I can already imagine how lovely it will feel when it's its time again. Wistfulness and joy, hand in hand, even when it comes to something as seemingly shallow as clothes.

The older I get, the deeper my emotions get, about the silliest things, about the really important matters. And there's really nothing I can do about that, I let myself go with the seasonal flow and if I can I embrace the depths, whether it's a silly little nonsensical thing or something essential. Because so much in life lies in the details and I've come to the conclusion that if you care for the daft little matters, the ones seemingly not significant in the big scheme of things, give attention to details, you also tend to care for the whole picture, the crucial things, you are more proned and able to connect the dots.

On a professional level I also find that attention to details signals quality and trustiness, not to mention it's always aesthetically pleasing. Slipshoddiness never is.

So, I suppose in a strange (or not) way there's some method to my madness fondness for details (shoes) and saying thank you for the season that was to five boots therefore makes perfect sense. Especially on a day when the temperatures showed 14 C. It may well be that spring is already, too soon for comfort, upon us. Thus I am grateful for all the comfort and spright in steps you've brought me all through autumn and winter, dear boots. Thank you so much. Puss with boots.

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Isabella G&G said...

I also felt a little sad when I put my boots back in their boxes, but now the weather is getting warmer and I'm saying hello again to my lovely spring shoes, which is pretty exciting in a way. So, since the weather is changing no matter what, let's enjoy whatever comes.

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