Monday, March 24, 2014

the littlest horse in the whole wide world

the littlest horse

As I was trying to find a good spot to snap a picture of the daily juice I saw a tiny piece of what I thought was rubbish, paint, soil enhancer or something like that. Not something I wanted in the picture. When removing it it seemed like it had an odd, familiar shape. And upon further inspection in turned out to be the most miniscule horse I've ever seen!

This was the day when I found a calcified, tiny, green horsie in my flower bed. It must have lied there forever and what are the chances it would be found? As miniscule as the horse itself. A magic mystery if you ask me. With hidden meanings perhaps.

Unfortunately I broke one of its front legs when removing the calcification. But both its hindlegs are halved already. Hopefully it's more pleased about being found than having four proper legs.

And it has already played photo prop of the miniature kind.

What's the most magical thing that happened to you today?

the littlest horse

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Poppy Q said...

Miss Pia, I was trying hard to think of something magical that happened to me on Monday, and here it is. After moving at the beginning of the year I cleaned the cupboards and drawers out, and tried to only take clothes with me that fitted and that I wore. That left me with just three pairs of pants. On Monday after work, I went into a shop that I seldom visit, but they were having a jean sale and I magically found two pairs to fit my short curviness. So that for me is a bit of magic.

Not as magical as your little horse, but a little bit special.


Julie Q

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