Wednesday, March 05, 2014

make happy things happen

shoe per diem march 4, 2014 -

This week could have, should have been the start of something great and exciting. It didn't happen. Not because I didn't try my best, without doing something outrageous, it just seems that sadly some people (which falls into the category "I don't get them") you just do not get through to.

To cut a long story short (and without details of course) I'm gobsmacked about the ungraspable fact (in this particular case) that apparently people (some people) working in sales aren't really interested in visibility, creating a buzz and improving their sales figures. Business people not interesting in making happy things happen, wanting to move forward, lacking curiousity and decisiveness, I simply don't get them. And to make things even more incomprehensible, my gut feeling tells me that I did get through in parts. I saw sparks of yes. And then there where a glitch in information and communication, not to mention focus. Alas.

That something which has so much potential isn't cared for properly and with passion, it really makes me both mad and sad. What a waste of opportunities, connections, time and energy. What was the point of it all?

It's such a disappointment it didn't happen. It would have been the next logically step of something beautiful. That much I'm sure of. I'm glad there are other paths to tread. So for now I'm mulling things over, talking and thinking things through, regrouping, working with other tasks and chose to be happy about other matters instead. Like the following;

health for body and soul

~ Apparently I'm now one of those for-unknown-reasons popular people on - fun of course, but I still don't get the real usefulness of the "service". And as much as I appreciate a good compliment I'm not very happy about unknown people adding me to weird collections like "Facebook friends". 

Since we're not friends on Facebook for real (I'm not a fan, far from, of the media in question, my profile isn't searchable and I'm selective whom I ask or add as a friend), for me it's such a bizarre thing to do, make a collection like that with people that you have no idea who they are and claim Facebook-friendship.

On the other hand I'm touched by being added to fine collections like "Sparks", Makers" and "Eclectic Spirits". The internetz is indeed both weird and wonderful. Like people in general I suppose. Of course.


yellow boots and their inspector

~ I now own a pair of yellow boots. They are gorgeous (and paw inspected). They were supposed to have been electric purple, but they are indeed yellow. The story behind them is that since last September I've been oogling a pair of fantastic looking electric purple (and I don't even like purple, but some hues are indeed irresistable) boots at the El Naturalista website. They didn't have my size then and it never appeared on site so my conclusion is that they never produced any in that size. When the sales came there were still no size 41 in purple sadly, but a very perky yellow pair were. Who can say no to walking in winter sunshine?

They are lovely looking, but I also noticed, after walking a lot yesterday, that the sole is quite a bit too thin for my liking. With El Naturalista I'm not used to the nuisance of too thin soles of shoe which allows you to feel the tiniest pebble through the sole. The boots are not uncomfortable per se, but walking on cobblestone streets or gravel is really not nice. At all. I do have extra insoles that usually do a good job, when needed, so I'll try those next time. But I don't se myself doing any long walks and long days again in these yellow beauties alas.

happy matters

~ I got such a nice compliment on Yelp today, it made me really happy "Hi Pia, what AMAZING and cute pictures you take, I love them! Will follow your cool food-adventures from now on :)" It's great that people take their time to give such lovely feedback. It only costs a bit of time and it can make someone's day. I got a similar, matter of fact compliment last Friday, face to face. I'm still really chuffed about that one too. I repeat, dare to compliment!

fotografiska bistro cafe

Despite being quite disappointed about the above, initial fact, I have to say that this first week of March has been lovely. It may be due to a distinct feeling of spring in the air, but I also sense something else, something promising and wonderful, unknown and yet to be revealed. So I continue to be expectant and curious. And overall happy, because really despite setbacks and certain things not going my way, I have a lot to be grateful and chuffed about. I chose to acknowledge and rest in that feeling, when certain matters are not as peachy perfect and happy as they ought to be, in an ideal world.

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Marie said...

How disappointing to see such a lukewarm response to your ideas. I sometimes get the impression that Swedish people can be "too comfortable" where they are and lack that curiosity about what lies outside of the little niche in life that they have carved for themselves and their business. It seems crazy in a business setting to not want to look outside the box and absorb new ideas. But many people seem happy with middle of the road.

You are so brave to tackle social media. I'm afraid I don't really like any of the platforms out there and have avoided all attempts by family and friends to join them.

The boots are lovely! The purple ones are very tempting (they have them in 37 which is my size) .... hmmm new boots or new plants for the garden? With the sun finally peeping out from behind the fog, it feels like the garden might win this time.

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