Saturday, March 29, 2014

second hand thrift in your own wardrobe

Upon beginning the quest of feng shuing the bedroom (and long term a good part of my life will be treated in the same way) I also discovered gems in the wardrobes I haven't worn for years. Or possibly not at all (hrm). Like these tank-tops.

Bought in Barcelona an embarassing amount of years ago, namely 11, not worn. But I've decided that this summer is the summer they will be worn. By yours truly. Even the Adam and Eve "shut up & eat" one.

They're all fun and sweet, but my favourite is the one with the Gaudí lizard print. 11 years ago I loved the work of Gaudí (well before that of course), but I know I didn't appreciate all the possibilities of seeing and learning more about it close up when we were in Barcelona then.

I'm just a very different version of me than I was then. To engulf oneself in different experiences is just so immensely enriching. I didn't grasp that fully back then. I do now. As good a reason as any to return to different destinations and places.

Until that travel possibility appears, I can at least enjoy three quirky tank tops.

And one of these days I need to do a proper closet cleaning again, what to keep, what to give away, what to sell. What does fit, what does not and what's really not my style. Garments that will not be cleansed are the ones that hold good memories and meanings. Like three silly tank tops.

Reading tip of the topic du jour - this article with good advice for being stylish on a budget is well worth a read (even if you don't live in London).

What's the most delightful thing you've found in your closet that you'd *forgotten* about?
And what do you think about the concept of thrifting in your own wardrobe?


Isabella G&G said...

Oh, that Adam and Eve top brings me so many memories! I bought the Spanish version (it went "Come y calla" instead of the English translation)in my early University days. Well, it was actually a t-shirt with cute short sleeves but all the same. I wore it so much that now it looks libe rubbish but for some reason I feel unable to get rid of it.

The sad thing about the things I find hidden in my wardrobe is that I can't wear them anymore since I put on some weight, but recently I re-discovered a pair of shoes I had long forgotten and I've used them a lot this winter. Recycling is just great!

Poppy Q said...

I had to clean out my wardrobe when I moved, which made me realise I hang onto things for too long. I am trying to be thrifty and have only about 50 items I wear all the time, rather than 200 items I seldom wear. So sorry to say, but I would rather donate the three tank tops if I was you.

Julie q

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