Sunday, March 23, 2014

spring feelings

finishing the eternity shawl before spring hits

It's been a rather quiet weekend. Given the hectic and productive last week it was probably a good thing. I've spent it enjoying the sun - the lawn is covered in scillas soon in tiny, perfect bloom, everything comes so quickly once it has begun, the thing called spring! The seasonal inspection of the lilacs has taken place too -

tiny lilacs inspector

cleaning - it's been well, well overdue, the feng shui-ing of the bedroom, I've probably done 2/3 of it now. It feels lovely and spacious and I've vowed to never keep clothes on rails and piles in there again. A fresh, clutter free bedroom is the new me -

oat cookies

cooking from things available in fridge and freezer - decluttering the fridge one might say - and baking sunshine cookies.

a pug named malte

Having had a distinguished pug visit.

finishing the eternity shawl before spring hits

Continuing the work on the eternetity shawl - I'm adamant to finish it soon. Only two hanks left. Keep focusing, Pia. It will be a lovely thing to inaugurate come winter 2014-15 - under due inspection.

prosit april 2013

Now I'm finishing some work in order to be ready for the week to come. Looking forward to it. It's actually the last one of March. Another month that just said swoosh and went by. But it has been an overall good one. So far. Let's keep it that way and finish it with a fabulous bang!

I hope your weekend has been of a joyous kind.
Have a good week, one and all!

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