Sunday, March 02, 2014

the peace tea towel

peace tea towel
This special edition Moomin kitchen towel (in celebration of it being 100 years since Tove Jansson was born) depicting a peace demonstration is such a lovely piece. I couldn't resist getting one. More befitting as a wall ornament than a towel though.

peace tea towel

And it fills with me sadness that we're still (especially now, given our neighbours eastward!) living in times when a peace message is more important than ever. That there are still too many pea-brained men in power all over the world, war instigators with no grasp whatsoever of the vast consequences of their stupidity. In the 21st century the human race continues to fail in decent behaviour, again and again.


peace tea towel

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Elephant's Child said...

And Hooray for Moomins. Love them.

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