Friday, March 28, 2014

kind eggs

zigne and eggs

Am now a happy proprietor of a fridge filled with 24 glorious kind eggs - read all about them here - they've been properly inspected by the furries and the small sized woollies and gotten paws up.

Haven't bought store eggs for some years now - just because they're called free-range and organic doesn't mean the chickens live full lives, don't end up for slaughter when they've stopped being moneymaking egg-laying units or that it's a small scale production where they're seen as family members - and have pretty much stopped baking cakes and such that calls for egg/substitute.

kind eggs inspection

Sometimes I use bananas as substitute for eggs, I find the tang of the no-egg substitute disgusting and I have yet to try chia-seeds as an egg substitute (so far I've only had them in my soygurt breakfast and they're lovely). Experimenting with baking techniques and ingredients just isn't very high up on my priority list. Or list of interest. It's much easier to just make and bake things that calls for no eggs/substitute at all.

kind eggs inspection

But now, when I have eggs I have no ethical issues using, I'm thinking it will be lovely to bake some great cakes and cookies, like the wonderful saffron applecake or the fabulous fruit and nut cookies.

24 fantastic eggs at my disposal, the choices are endless...

kind eggs inspection


Marie said...

This sounds lovely! And with the furry stamp of approval, you can't go wrong :-)

Like you, I try and avoid egg based dishes, but I do like home made egg pasta and lemon curd, so I usually buy my eggs at Nystugan ekogård in Stigtomta where you can see that the chickens are out freely running around. I saw some chickens running outside also at a farm in Ängstugan close to Nyköping, so I thought I'd investigate them this summer and see if they sell eggs.

There is no doubt at all that these are far better eggs than store bought ones. We had our own chickens in Australia and as well as simply liking to have them around and their help with the snail problems in the vegetable garden, the eggs they produced were fantastic. They were treated as pets, wandered freely around our garden, had a nice cosy chicken house and enclosed run for the night and ate really well. Just how an animal ought to enjoy living.

Unknown said...

lovelies! and I love all the beautiful colors too! :)

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