Wednesday, March 12, 2014

old faithful pink

dusting off a pink ol' handbag

With spring definitely upon us (touch wood) I thought it would be nice to dust (literally...) off some old faithful handbag servants. From those days when I felt it was okey to a) buy new leather handbags and it was possible to b) pay a substantial (ridiculous) amount of money for said handbags. In those days I also named each and every handbag, yes I did.

I'm glad I'm a much better earthling today than I was then.

But the handbags remain, now and then they get to come out and faithfully serve. Currently I've downsized the content in my handbag (it is possible!) so everything fits in wee Rosa. It's rather delightful to have such a reasonably small handbag tag along plus I adore the colour. Not to shabby on the eye in design either. Which makes me think of the quote "Fashion fades, style remains".

Do you change your handbags depending on season?
Or occasion? Big, small, in between?
How should the perfect handbag look and be?


Elephant's Child said...

It needs to be big enough to carry a book (or two). And I don't change them often enough.

Marie said...

I've had my old faithful Fendi striped handbag for the last 17 years. I don't feel that I ever need to change it as it is a classic and suits every daytime occasion.

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