Thursday, March 20, 2014

happy day ~ vernal equinox

vernal equinox fun

Apparently today is Happy Day according to the United Nations - I've done my best to feel and be happy all day. Generally it's not a struggle (I'm happy to say). And the day has held mostly lovely things. Two glitches, one professional (not okey behaviour and not without complications) and one is certainly the weather. Snow slush.

snow slush vernal equinox

The other one was the snow slush. Heavy snowfall during the night, thawing within hours, add drizzling rain and hey presto slush. I think tomorrow will bring temperaturse up to +10C and sunshine. Hopefully the snow will melt and can we please say bye bye winter then? Because today is after all also vernal equinox. Spring is here for real. Or at least it should be.

snow slush vernal equinox

Last year's vernal equinox was also a very wintery one, so all is not lost for a great rest of the year weatherwise. I suppose.

vernal equinox fun

The really good things of today then? Well,
* a great big glass of fresh juice (carrot, apple and ginger).
* a really delightful movie (a very exclusive work related preview as the movie will not open until September) based on a great Swedish children's book writer's work. I am now in love with the Cucumber brothers.
* good work related things and finished assignments
* a celebratory pastry. It was lovely.

budapest pastry

Happy Day,
Happy Vernal Equinox!

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