Sunday, May 25, 2014

5 articles that will make your online and offline life better

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~ Everyone is totally winging it, all the time - loved this and as the article said "This realisation is alarming at first, but it's ultimately deeply reassuring." Good to remember at those times when we feel we're faking it, when we question if we really are good at what we're doing, everyone else seems so professional and on top of everything. All. the. time. Guess what, everyone else thinks you are!

~ Why salaries shouldn't be a secret - seems like the last tabboo, the salary. I believe the lovely thing called transparency is great regarding this too. For so many reasons which the article sums up really well. One being incompetence shouldn't be rewarded of course.

If you want to write rude emails here are 9 things you should do - I think most of the things makes common sense, not to do of course. What do you think?

~ 3 ways to get out of a bad mood - a good read for getting out of a funk. And let me add the advice of writing to get what's bothering you out of the system. I have to say that when I finally decided to write down my feelings about this confusing part of my last year it turned out to be cathartic. Easier to move on and tweak your strategy for whatever goal you have in life and work, write, write, write.

~ What do you want from your online presence? - this easy read article gives you simple and straightforward advice.

It still baffles me that so many people are clueless and careless about what they publish online. Everything you say and do reflects on the person you are, both in private and public. Guess what, a basic rule is that everything you write online should be just as easy to say and do offline with the person/s in front of you. Stupid, ignorant things have a tendency to spread like wildfire online. To care for your personal brand should be rather essential really. Do good things, write good stuff and by all means think things through before you hit the publish button. Don't do anything in the heat of the moment. It will most probably come back and bite you in your personal brand heine sooner or later.

PS Always remember to see your target audience - målgrupp sing., målgrupper plur. in Swedish - as a cat, can you explain what you're doing to a cat and make them give you paws up then you're on the right track to success. Don't worry about the language issue you might experience with a feline, I'm sure they understand much more than you think. DS

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