Saturday, May 24, 2014

to body butter or not

Only a few years ago I was not a fan of body butters, I thought they were too sticky, gooey and left an uncomfortable oily surface on skin. But with age comes not only wisdom in abundance but also very dry skin alas. Thus now I love a great jar of sweet scented body butter.

My favourites are probably the ones from Body Shop and the two favourite scents are mango and moringa. And now strawberry. The blueberry and raspberry doesn't smell of neither berry imo, so I won't get those again. And then I have a sweet pea jar I haven't used as yet.

When I asked around on Twitter and Instagram which favourite scents of body butter people had I learnt that apparently there are so many more that I hadn't even seen in the shops. Like lemon, chocolate and coconut. How lovely me thinks!

Do you enjoy body butters?
If so, any favourite scent (or brand)?

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