Thursday, May 15, 2014

to party like a witch

to party like a witch

Once upon a time (about 15 years ago or so) I threw a party in my bathroom. It was a brand new, renovated bathroom and I was *very* happy about the finish and look. It was all pink and it was lovely in every detail.

As it was around Halloween I partied like a witch and given I apparently didn't have my usual hate-the-camera-face I must have been ecstatic.

I'm a very different me now compared to then. Some parts of the then-me I wouldn't mind getting back, but mostly I'm a much better me-version these days.

But one thing I really miss, all these years later, is that gorgeous, pink, tiled bathroom. Oh I wish I could bewitch it here right now. Sadly my witch powers are lacking though (despite what the picture tells).

to party like a witch

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