Sunday, May 04, 2014

meet cute on world laughter day

shoe per diem meets street art sthlm - may 4, 2014

Who knew there was such a thing as the World Laughter Day? Not me at least. And yes, befitting indeed regarding yesterday's blog post about love and magic, I do agree with Elephant's Child that more laughter is also something the world is in dire need of.

Myself I laugh a lot in general, because there are indeed lot of amusing and laughable things to be seen, heard, experienced plus clever people around. In a bleak world there are still many things of beauty, love and laughter to be grateful about, it's important to enjoy them. Laughter is good for the health, body and mind.

Here are three incidents I rejoiced over today. Of very different kinds. From smile to giggle to laughter.

shoe per diem meets street art sthlm - may 4, 2014

Me and my shoe per diem met a spout with a special pout.

vegolunch med #deklarationsbakelse

Did my annual taxes and invented the word and hashtag "deklarationsbakelse" on Twitter and Instagram. It means that when you've done your taxes you deserve a pastry ie declarationpastry. It's mindboggling that noone has come up with the word before! (Me neither, but better late than never.) Life needs both words and action so I did the right thing and had a nice lunch incl one of my favourite pastries, banana cream.

like to get to know you well...

And then my home and garden got a pug visit. The fella who is always happy to see the cats and if he could sing he'd sing "Like to get to know you well, so we could be friends forever"...

like to get to know you well...

And the cats would swiftly reply "Shouldn't think so buddy!". I got the pictures to prove it.

What made you laugh today?

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Elephant's Child said...

Love that spout.
This morning I have laughed at the cats telling me that they haven't been fed since last Christmas - as they cleaned the evidence of this morning's breakfast from their whiskers.
The same cats haven't been patted since last century. Persistent liars - but not skilled.

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