Thursday, May 29, 2014

diy bird feeder

creative diy birdfeeder

Spotted this pretty darn fabulous diy birdfeeder at Alsta gardens last weekend. What a great way to use old pottery, ceramics, whatever beads you have lying around etc. Only your imagination is the limit to what can be created. I see bird feeders or bird baths, but I'm sure the creations can be used as hanging "baskets" for fruit, bathroom stuff or holders for all sorts of trinkets and treasures. Very inspirational, wouldn't you agree?

creative diy birdfeeder

I do believe I need to raid the nearest thrift store for old plates and bowls asap. And I have lots of glass beads since my jewellery making days that I won't use for jewellery again - when I get my jewellery making mojo back, I'm thinking it might have gone on an extended holiday in company with my reading mojo - which would be lovely to use for these creations instead of chunky wooden ones.

creative diy birdfeeder

A selection of previous birdfeeders in my garden are

~ the apple hook - a disappointment
~ the dotty one - pretty to look at
~ the red moomin house - bird success!
~ the white moomin house - success too!

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