Monday, May 26, 2014

green and pink

alsta gardens

The outcome of the elections to the European Parliament was of course in parts absolutely heartbreaking showing a scary, blatant lack of knowledge in history. But just as I've stopped reading the newpapers and watching the news in order to have good energy to do good deeds I choose to concentrate on the in parts amazing results.

Because a) the Swedish Green Party (Miljöpartiet) is now the second largest party as far as Sweden in EP (3 seats) is concerned. And b) the Swedish Feminist Party (F!) had a great result and will get one seat in the EP. Pretty mindblowing. I cheered a lot and cried a bit over those results. So there are indeed good forces out there too, wanting to create a more compassionate, kinder, greener, more sustainable and equal society. Well done you!

And today I sported a green and pink look, which of course wasn't very laboursome since pink and green is my favourite colour combo anyway. Just embracing my not so secret and not so inner colour nerd.

pink and green

PS All of the + 50 % who didn't vote, whatever were you thinking?! DS
PPS You know that feminism is only common sense, that it's all about equal rights for all genders and a better, kinder society for everyone, right? Right. DS

PPS And both the German and the Dutch Animal Party got seats in the EP too. Just how wonderful is that! DS

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CrimsonAnna said...

"Color nerd" vilket underbart ord. Själv gillar jag kombinationen turkos+lime och blå+lila. Jag inser också att jag måste gå tillbaka i din blogg och läsa om detta med "happy place" det känns som att det finns något intressant där =)

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