Wednesday, May 07, 2014

quality inspection at the prosit factory

quality inspection at prosit factory

Just another day of hard work for the Prosit sisters. Kvalitetsgranskning i Prosit-fabriken. Quality inspection at the Prosit factory.

Ordered business cards for a client, when they arrived I was about to take some snaps of them when inspector One and Two felt they had to snoopervise and give paw of approval.

quality inspection at prosit factory

Have no idea how they ALWAYS manage to turn up at the wrong right time, but they do. Admittedly it seems I did chose the perfect spokescats for Prosit, sister Red and sister White... They're sure eager to help!

I also ordered some more postcards - which always is a lovely way to thank a client for good co-operation after a finished project - they also got a quick overhaul. Zigne inspecting Zigne. Not sure that is a look of paw approval though. What do you think?

quality inspection at prosit factory

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