Monday, May 05, 2014

the perfect process for planting pansies

planting pansies

In order to get the perfect result when planting pansies you need to have the purrfect inspector during the whole process (and remember that sometimes a pot or two may break due to overly eager snoopervision).

planting pansies

Doing it on a day of blue skies and fluffy clouds adds an extra oomf to the process.

perennial pansies

Some inspectors are less focused on their jobs than others. Chasing suncats and shadows may be more appealing to those less focused.

planting pansies

But in the end we got there.

perennial pansies

And along the way the pansies of 2014 joined the delightful discovery that is the perennial pansies from 2013, which have survived the winter in pots. I see faces. May you all have a long and happy garden season together!

perennial pansies


Elephant's Child said...

I am very familiar with that sort of assistance. Or do I mean purrsistence...

CrimsonAnna said...

May I say, you have to lovely inspectors. I have a soft spot for odd-eyed cats =)

Marie said...

I have a furry quality control inspector, who digs up any plants that she feels were not planted properly. It adds to the interest :-)

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