Monday, May 19, 2014

what's in a salad?

I'm grateful for having grown up in a home where vegetables and salads were a big part of pretty much every meal. Perhaps not the snazzy, inventive kinds of salads in those days, but lots of veggies just the same.

Meals with no veggies feels utterly weird and unsatisfying to me. Actually people who don't devour vegetables seem utterly weird and unsatisfying to me. 

At a cafe on Åland the pies are always served with this lovely, crunchy salad. Everytime I say "must do this at home!", so far I haven't. But at least I took a proper picture of it this time, thus I know it holds - lettuce, red cabbage, crunchy lentils (not over-cooked), black beans, radish, raw courgette, cauliflowers, carrot, paprika, tomato and parsley. No dressing, just clean flavours as nature intended.

Soon I will make my own version.

What's your favourite little side salad?
Is it served at a restaurant/cafe or do you make it yourself?
Do tell, I'd love to get some inspiration!

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