Wednesday, May 14, 2014

are you a deadline romantic?


Admittedly I'm much better at not procrastinating these days. It may have something a lot to do with the fact that having your own business and keep procrastinating is a bad bad idea... But of course if I'm better at not procrastinating work-related matters I'm still at it in certain other parts of life.

This evening I attended a most interesting talk - with journalist/author Lina Wennersten and psychologist/author Alexander Rozental plus two others whose names escape me at the moment - about procrastination, the whys, hows and methods to avoid it. Does social media play a part in procrastination these days? Procrastination can be both productive and destructive, the line between is sometimes a fine one. And working on the do not procrastinate is a long term project, but regular rewards (of various kinds) are essential.

The talk was held in the beautiful Stockholm Public Library and the audience was captured. And even if I'm not the worst of procrastinators I did get some really useful and simple advice how to avoid it.


I also bought one of the books sold, gorgeous wouldn't you agree? And even if I happened to colour-match it for the evening the main reason I got it was because I think it's a fascinating subject. Promise. The title translates "Dancing on deadline - the psychology of postponement".

How about you are you a procrastinator? Do you think you do a better job if you postpone your work until the last minute, are you a deadline romantic?

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