Tuesday, May 13, 2014

food colours

pretty food

It wasn't me who fixed the ingredients for today's lunch, but it was not only a true feast for the eyes but also for the palate.

And yes it was *of course* I who saw that it cried out to be arranged this way. Isn't this just a stunning plate of lovely salad?! In fact the whole lunch experience of different colourful bits made me think a lot about how we should eat more colours, not only because vegetables and fruits in strong colours actually holds a great amount of vital vitamins and minerals, but also because a really pretty and colourful plate of food makes you happy just by looking at it. Colours never disappoint.

pretty food

What I also learnt from this lunch experience was that from now on I will be using turmeric when I cook rice. Not only because it's really lovely to look at a bright yellow rice, but also because turmeric has many health benefits. Spices are good for you, colours too.

pretty food

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