Wednesday, September 30, 2009

enter skyeblue el naturalista iggdrasil clogs


As much as it may seem so, this isn't the incredible Hulk stepping into my garden showing his true feminine colours, only little ol' me celebrating the fact that I've been such a diligent pupil for these past months, cramming more courses than originally planned and finishing the last one today, *hurray*.

And a celebration in style does call for new shoes. Somehow.

I am aware of acquiring quite a few shoes lately, but I was in real and urgent need of comfortable shoes of the right kind, thus they have all ticked most all the right boxes;

:: irresistable looks (incl gorgeous colour and cute details)- check
:: comfortable, foot hugging - check
:: well though through (incl organic) design and excellent craftsmanship - check

:: on sale - check for some

This model - the Iggdrasil clogs, siblings to the so moodlifting Oxfords - was actually the very first El Naturalista shoes I ever tried a few years back. It was love at first try, like stepping into old, incredibly cushioned slippers, however it took until now to get a pair. The inauguration of these skyblue - just the name, just the colour, just the hue makes me happy - will naturally have to wait until spring. Because they do so fall into one of my definite clothes and shoes no-nos category; no tights or socks ever with sling backs, clogs, slippers or peep toes. Shudder.

But come spring, come warmer weather, I am sure they'll make me and my feet very pleased. As well as the not so small detail of being a reminder of a job well done. On the last day of September 2009.



Lola Nova said...

Well, congratulations! Sounds as though you have been working hard and deserve a little pampering, and shoes are just the ticket. Love the color. They look ever so comfy!

Poppy Q said...

Now I am super jealous. I have been hunting down some el naturalista shoes, and am determined to get some as they look so comfy.

I am pea green with envy !!

Julie Q

Anonymous said...

Very cute.


Pia K said...

thanks, alex! they feel very comfy too and isn't the colour just amazing...

i hope you find some worthy pairs, julie! and you known what, many of their models do come in lovely pea green...;)

thanks, paz.

Anonymous said...

I am about to receive my very first pair and I cannot tell you how happy I am. So much to love about their craftsmanship,and to cut it all short just about everything. I hope you've enjoyed your shoes since this post.

Pia K said...

oh i'm glad you're enjoying your first pair, "anonymous"! their comfort and style is addictive though...;) yes i have enjoyed this pairs since this post, perfect summer shoes i think.

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