Monday, January 17, 2011

365 days in the world according to pia

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I've decided to have my own little 365 days in 2011. In a very simple style on Tumblr. Like one needed another project... Well, apparently one did - 365 days from the world according to pia

As I usually do some camera work every day, why not make something of it? Some days SLR, some days iPhoneic. And those scarce days when one doesn't have the snap-bug one has to challenge oneself (which isn't challenging like riding a bicycle around the world, living in a cave for five years and such, but still a little everydayish challenge)

I wasn't a part of last year's 365days-project or any blog camp (the latter doesn't go well with my non-group thing), but by kind invite from Julie I'm a part of the Flickr-group Postcards to Blog Camp. And from there she also inspired me to do the Tumblr thing (yes there seems to be a lot of "things" going on). It's really very unpretentious. I like that. And I'm hoping it will be interesting to look back at when 2011 has turned into 2012.

Above snap was January 5, light and heart is what it's all about...

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