Friday, January 07, 2011

red lampshade has a pink jacket


For about as long as since I moved to my own place (give or take for a mind-boggling 20 years...) I've been meaning to dress lampshade cords and the odd flowerpot - odd indeed they are, since the flowers and plants who have the misfortune to be brought into this house have a sadly minuscule life-span - in linen jackets, skirts, shirts, pouches or whatever it is you call it when you dress and cover small household items like that.

Back then I also bought a stash of linen fabrics in different colours. Some of them got used for other purposes, some have been lying around waiting. Faintly calling for me to use them for the original purchase purpose.

Another thing has also been lurking in the back of my mind for some time, one of those seemingly small sprucing matters that can make quite a difference; the changing of my grannyish-glass-brass-kitchen-lampshade (which has also been with me for that mind-boggling amount of time) into something more... clean and sleek. Well, as sleek as anything in my utter love for colours, messy, collection of this and that dear one have picked up over the years home can be...


So when I stumbled over this sheet lampshade at a Christmas fair/second hand shop open warehouse some weeks before Christmas I grabbed it. For the pleasing sum of 20 sek (~3 usd). And red, oh it would look mighty fine with my red buffet and all.

Bought a simple cord and inset, unearthed the linen fabric stash, was delighted when I found the pale pink one I had my mental mind eye set upon (I've also played with the idea of turning that piece into a simple linen skirt, there might still be enough fabric left to do that too). Did a bit of measuring, cut, ripped, sewed, skewed and hey presto, new kitchen lamp just the way I wanted.


Red sleek lampshade with a wrinkled, disheveled dress. It looks quirky, perky and cute (with a kind of giddy appearance of having danced the night away and laughed a lot) in exactly the way I want it. Very pleased am I. For a more than affordable sum of money.

The fact that I managed to stumble over the shade, get a new cord, dig out fabric AND finish project in less than a month is something I am extremely pleased about too. See, I'm not always procrastinating. Another thing that has happened in my crafty kitchen. Another thing in lovely red. Another good thing to start of the new year alright. Right.

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