Friday, January 14, 2011

the killing of wolves

Tomorrow, on Saturday, begins another senseless slaughter of wolves in Sweden, January 15-February. Like a year ago. The wolves are critically endangered in Sweden, yet our government in all its brainless non-wisdom calls it "protective hunt".

Last year 12000 bloodthirsty, trigger-happy murderers (those who some call hunters) signed up to kill 27 wolves. This year 20 wolves are supposed to be killed.

Nature conservation and animal welfare organisations have reported Sweden to the European Union. The environmental commissioner have been very critical. There have been talks about severe penalties. That sadly does not help the wolves being killed tomorrow.

Wolves are, and should be, an important part of our Swedish fauna. I am deeply ashamed and saddened to be living in a country with a government that both instigates and condones such blatant abuse of animal rights and nature conservation. While ignoring international opinion.

One of many things that are so very obviously perverted in this country one once upon a time had many reason to be proud about. Those days are long since gone. That breaks my heart.

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