Wednesday, January 26, 2011

mr chirpy carrot


From frog, to bunny, to fly agaric to carrot, I do confess, I have the amigurumi bug.

~ Oh yes, there will be lots of cake too, but they're somewhat more time consuming to make, but I'm pretty sure they will be the most delightful sight for sore eyes when they do appear. Glossy, glossy ~

Let me introduce you to Mr Chirpy Carrot. A mister which I think we all need in our lives. This one is mine though, all mine. He even got a little happy face, because he'll never get, peeled, sliced or grated. And sometimes such reassuring prospects in life can make one feel most, most happy indeed.



Kea said...

Oh, I adore Mr. Chirpy Carrot! He's fabulous!

I've been falling behind on keeping up with blogs lately...Senior cat Annie spent 5 days in the vet hospital while "mom" came unglued. She's home now, but still not back to normal, so "mom" still is unglued!

Erica said...

I must admit that while I have crocheted a couple of smaller, easier things myself (hats and scarves), I am a self-proclaimed knitter. I like to be able to watch TV or read while I craft, and crochet requires me to look at what I'm doing. But I am seriously considering digging out my crochet hooks after seeing all of your cute amiguri projects. What a perfectly happy carrot. Perhaps your next project will have a squeaker or rattle inside and be shared with your furbabies?

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