Sunday, January 16, 2011

three extralong magical socks


Finally all of them are completely finished and ready to be worn - three extra long magical socks. The first pair, with its little furry rim, I did finish over a year ago and have happily, warmly worn already.


Violet-purple-beige-white in lovely subdued hues but still quirky and personal.


The other two, pink and green (my favourite colour combination) I had plans for, then came spring and there was no need for extra long socks, magical or not. When winter surprisingly came early I hadn't finished them, then other things took priority and suddenly "hey 2011". When Evert was completed, these were next on the projects-to-finally-finish-agenda.


The pink pair got a chiffon rim and some thrifted buttons - from curiosity shop in Nora -


The apple green ones were adorned with buttons (from same place above) and also a little border with some of my grandmother's old lace. Which certainly makes them completely unique and guarantee there will never ever be a pair exactly the same. And with a piece of history that's mine alone. They've also socialized with generals and gnomes.


I'm happy with end result. Thinking one could spice up life with not wearing the same colour on both feet all the time. Variety really very much being the spice of life. And yarn. Pink and green and magic.


I'm also thinking I'll never ever make another pair of extra long socks, they took ages and were quite boring to make, the colours, the magic, the idea I had of end result were the things that got me persevering.


Lola Nova said...

Ooh, gorgeous extra long socks and I am loving the different top finishings! Truly socks to make one smile on a winter day!

nina said...

Men åååh så fin sista bild! <3

Gen said...

You have a surprise in my blog:)

Chudex's said...

I like, i want LOl....LOL...

Ottercation said...

Cute, warm and magical indeed ^_^

Pooja Singh said...

Quite amusing and interesting. Loved the pink socks very much.

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