Saturday, January 22, 2011

fly agaric fly


Since Little Heart Bunny is an Alice-in-Wonderland-ish bunny he just can't be accessorized with anything as obvious and trite as a carrot. Instead he got a wee mushroom. The pretty but deadly kind. A fly agaric (in Swedish "flugsvamp"). Of the (addictive) amigurumi stuff I've made so far the one that was quickest to make.

In case you kind of think this world of mine at the moment is very much about needlework, yarn, hook, crocheting and knitting, you're probably right. It is very much a stress reliever, it's lovely to see how quickly one can accomplish something really nice and that's what I need in my life right now. I can't concentrate on reading (alas), but I'm able to concentrate on this when I'm not doing the must-things. So I create. In yarn. Mostly.

If you'd like to read about something else than yarn, that may have to wait some while yet. Or perhaps, I may feel an inspiring twitch sooner than later, to put something other than yarny to blog. Time will tell. For now, fly agaric.


Little Heart Bunny might also be accessorized with something for the sweet tooth, something Swedish, something the-must-thing for a tea party. To be continued.


heidikins said...

Dah! Cute.


Felis said...

I read books a lot this month, so I wasn't come here a few day, and now I'm very impressed from all this gorgeous amigurumi. Well done!

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