Wednesday, January 12, 2011

stockholm discovery of the day ~ brunkebergstunneln


Being an arrant Stockholmer I take proud in reasonably well knowing my way around this city. Now and then though, I'm completely dumbstruck over the places I had absolutely no idea existed. And even more so when these places apparently been around for a 100 plus years.

Today was such a day of discovery. Apparently there's a pedestrian tunnel passage way through the Brunkebergsåsen esker, Brunkebergstunneln. The fact that it begins/ends on Tunnelgatan - Tunnel street, the street known for being the place where prime minister Olof Palme was murdered in 1986. Murder still remains inconceivably unsolved... - should of course have been an obvious giveaway... Still I've passed there innumerous times over the years not seeing, not knowing.

dagens upptäckt: brunkebergstunneln

Now I've been enlightened. Now I know. Now I've walked through it. Very convenient (and rather shabby. Would definitely not walk there alone on awkward hours). Inaugurated in 1886. Discovered by me in 2011.


Kea said...

How wonderful to make such a discovery, and after so many years!

I know there are many areas in my region with which I am unfamiliar, but alas, no tunnels!

pärlbesatt said...

Men vad märkligt, där gick ju jag igår! Inte första gången visserligen, men första gången på länge. :)

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