Sunday, January 09, 2011

blue hot dog


Admittedly I'm no fan of all the silicone kitchen utensils and cookware available these days, apart from the material feeling more than slightly nasty in its rubber like (unnatural) nature I'm so far not very impressed by its features.

Bought a few cake moulds and minor wares some years ago, very not in-like with results, thus never been interested again in these products. So when M thought this blue silicone dog kettle holder was a given gift I was quite... ungrateful one might say, uninterested I'd say. Highly sceptical of its supposedly heat-resistance. So I barked a lot at first.


But when I reluctantly tried it one day it turned out it actually do work reasonably well. And if it wasn't made of that nasty rubbery material I would very much enjoy the nifty dog design, yes I would. Not that it by any means measure up to one real life loaf dog extraordinaire of course. But in the world of silicone and blue dogs I think it's kind of hot. In a heat resistant kettle holder kind of way.



Kea said...

I need to get out more. I never come across interesting things like this. LOL!

mangocheeks said...

I've seen a few silicone kitchen gloves, but now one so cute.

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