Saturday, January 29, 2011

grythyttan outing


Had a brilliant little Saturday outing, to small locality Grythyttan (~ 1000 inhabitants) - about half an hour's drive from Nora and 2,5 hours drive north-west from Stockholm. And no I obviously don't drive, I'm crocheting, chatting, tweeting, snapping photos or sleeping. All while being grateful to be able to get away a bit, a welcome distraction to brooding and instead just enjoying the here and now... - where we had lunch.


We also made a quick stop in Nora, it was such a difference from summer and tourist season, quite deserted now and the shops really empty of customers.

I hadn't for some peculiar reason been to Grythyttan before, but found it charming and very picturesque. It must be fantastic to visit in the lushness of summer. The place is famous for


a) Grythyttan Gästgivaregård (est. 1640), a world-renowned inn, comprised of 22 buildings built between 1640-1960.
b) the school of Hospitality, Culinary Arts & Meal Science
c) Grythyttan steel furniture - of which I sold some old chairs a few years ago, they're hip again, we used to have them at our country house when I was a child, not really my type of "furniture thing".




Weather was fantastic, spring in the air and a generous amount of sun. Lunch was lovely, the food was nice, not spectacular, but yes nice


- vegetarian mushroom lasagna for me followed by apple crumble for dessert -,

the service was really great, friendly, unpretentious and knowledgeable, the ambiance so very, very sweet, cosy and quaint. I think these iPhone snaps give you an idea.


här vakar carl-jan

grythyttans gästgivaregård

grythyttans gästgivaregård

salongen grythyttan gästgivaregård

grythyttans gästgivaregård

Coffee and sweets served in the above lounge. There were visitors with dogs allowed. Great attention to details and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. I really loved it. We're so going there again given the opportunity. Highly recommended indeed (February 2011).

When we had finished lunch there was still light and sunny outside, us sun-starvers felt spoilt indeed. Such a grand day.

january afternoon

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Kea said...

It looks like it was a wonderful outing, just what was needed to perk up spirits in mid-winter. :-)

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