Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the bleeding heart of the summer that was


The current weather is, believe it or not, even more depressing now than it has been in general for these past few months. I can definitely take both the snow and the cold, what I really, really can't stand is the ice and the slippery, scary streets (which no-one seem to take responsibility for anymore these days. This winter's fractures and ice induced injuries are probably at an all-time high...). It's just awful.

The snow has melted this past few weeks, it has rained. Snow slush isn't much fun at all, but ice is so much worse. When slush turns into ice, that's were we are right now. For many reasons I would love to go into hibernation, ice galore being one. Sadly I can't.

Instead I dream about the summer that once was. All those days when one complained about the heat, the stickiness, the sleepless nights - what one wouldn't give for that right now. The grass is always greener (or in this case, yellow) on the other side of the season fence.

I dream about that bleeding heart I bought. A white and innocent one. I hope it has survived winter, that it will stand tall and lush again come summer. The summer that seems an awful long time away looking out the window.



Alicia said...

Lovely post; thank you for the warm-weather thoughts. I am ready! I also have two pink bleeding hearts, and I love them. I planted them in an old cast-iron tub that I rescued from my parents' house.

Alicia said...

Lovely post; thank for the warm-weather thoughts. It will be here before we know. I also have two pink bleeding hearts that I love. I planted them along with some patriot lilies and some sort of viney-things in an old cast-iron tub that I rescued from my parents' house. Happy blogging!

Pia K said...

thanks for stopping by, alicia, leaving lovely comments. your planting sounds wonderful!

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