Thursday, January 27, 2011

the tulip project

january 22, 2011 - the tulip project

These days I'm not that keen on knitting patterns. Back in those days when I used to knit a lot, when I first got hooked, during the 80ies, I mostly did patterned sweaters - I wasn't a scarfoholic at all then - it was very satisfying to look at the end result of those intricate patterns when the projects were finished. I rarely liked to wear the sweaters though, they always became to big or too small or just to unflattering.

In the later 80ies, possibly early 90ies, I began knitting a tulip sweater in cotton boucle. I only finished the front piece never finished it. Some years later I found the yarn, continued knitting, but never got around to assembling. I did finish every part though, the back and the two sleeves with pattern. So when I came to think of that tulip sweater recently I though it would be an easy peasy thing to finally sew it together - for some reason I knew exactly where I had stored it - turned out I was so wrong.

The back piece is only half done. Only half a sleeve is knitted, and the pattern is reasonably intricate, for me it would be tad to annoying to try and figure out the pattern just by looking at that half sleeve to be able to make the other one. Because yes, the pattern itself wasn't hanging out with the yarn bag. I know I have seen it here and there over the years, but I have no real clue were exactly I should look for it today. The search for the missing pattern is ongoing.

It would indeed be lovely to be able to finally finish this sweater! Some 20 odd years later. I even know what to wear with it, I mean I'm really glad I can still wear it, since I was tad afraid that the model was some kind of super tight thing that would have fitted me in my teens, 20ies, but so would not now. If it had been I would just have finished it and made it into a wall-hanging, it is that kind of pretty. But now I am very pleased to have discovered it is really a sizing of the 80ies, over sized. Definitely no problem with the fit being to tight.

All blog readers fingers crossed for a lucky outcome of the search, I would love to be able sporting it come spring and tulips in garden galore. The story of the tulip project to be continued.


Felis said...

I hope to find them and finish! It would be good metaphor for : "it's never too late".

Pia K said...

thanks, felis! i haven't found the pattern and i have stopped actively looking for it, thinking it's probably easier to try and figure the pattern out for that single arm left to finish. summer project:)

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