Wednesday, January 05, 2011

at the hairdressers

hairdresser moment

About every 8-10 weeks I desperately need to go to the hairdresser. As much as I've always loved being a brunette, when the grey begin to show they REALLY show. And while they may look fantastic, eccentric and beautiful on other 30+ they have never on me. I only look worn, drab, sad and old(er).

Thus, the reason for me being a regular hairdresser customer is not the cutting per se but the colouring. As unfortunate as that really is, I can't embrace my grey hairs. I really can't. (And I more than suspect they're not all hereditary, my father began greying in his 20ies, but also stress-related when they first appeared.)


I began going to *my* hairdresser some 8 years ago, by recommendation from a then co-worker of mine. We hit it off and I've been faithful ever since. She has many great features, apart from being a fine hairdresser and giving a fabtastic head massage, so it's a real treat every time me and my grey shafts need to head there (oh pun).

shoe per diem jan 5, 2011

A bit of TLC for hair and scalp, a good chat, coffee, nibble and some magazines (never gossip, always fashion or travel) - just what one needs on a reasonably regular basis.

And if you'd like to see some fab shoes (my hairdresser most always wear such on her feet), you really must head over to today's shoe per diem post. It's very red. Shoetastically so.


Anne said...

Do you go somewhere in Stockholm proper? I have yet to find a good hair salon, so if you have a suggestion, I'd be grateful!

Kea said...

A good stylist and colourist is worth her weight in gold! I get my hair highlighted, don't quite need to start all-over colour yet, but I do have white in the front--the bangs and sides.

My dad's hair has turned a beautiful silver and I think I'll stop colouring mine when it gets to that point too.

Pia K said...

hey anne, i go to salon ordinary, tomtebogatan near st eriksplan in stockholm.

my greys are pretty much like you're describing, kea, but it does show so much more in a dark hair, it really stands out. it's just not me. wish i could embrace them, i really really can't, they just make me sad. it can be quite beautiful though. but not on me, not now.

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