Sunday, January 02, 2011

meet evert, all perky and green


On the last shivering hours of 2010, the pieces of Evert (who had been a work in progress during November), finally came together in the real Evert. Most perky, very green. My first go at the amigurumi crochet style. And I'm reasonably pleased with the way he turned out.


The crocheting part was quite easy and quick, the putting together was really not my cup of yarn. Not that it was complicated, it's just all that tiny delicate work, the filling, the minuscule details plus it's honestly quite hard on you hands. I'm definitely going to make more amigurumi figures and things, it is a charming craft indeed, but for all that above reasons I can't say I'm a huge fan of actually doing it a lot myself.


Yes, at a time it was touch and go, would Evert become a legless frog or not. The jaws of one loaf dog extraordinaire showed interest. But the legs were rescued and the loaf reproved (not that he really cares, wimpish matters, the silliness).


evert in progress

The kissing of a frog, the kissing of Evert, will now commence, not as in wanting a prince but the wanting of a job that I now hope (after a lot of hard work and in incomprehensible vain search) will magically appear. After all it is a new year, good things should happen. 2011, the year when frogs will make magic come true.



Kea said...

Pia, he's adorable! I just love him! Surely he'll bring you good luck. :-)

Felis said...

Good things definitely will happen, because Evert is so smiling and positive.

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