Wednesday, January 19, 2011

little heart bunny

january 18, 2011 - little <3 bunny

I know I said that I even if it was fun to make one fabulous frog named Evert I wouldn't be doing a lot of amigurumi since its tiny delicate work, the filling, the minuscule details you have to get right is quite hard on you hands.


But then I got an order, something Alice-in-Wonderlandish. I immediately thought of White Rabbit, but I liked the idea of a lavender one. So I began crocheting. As with most recipes I usually tweak patterns and this I did with Little Bunny too, a bit here and a bit there.


I love his little clubfeet. And see those tiny "thumbs", what a great wee thing to come up with (thumbs up to whomever did originally!) - yes, as always
xx is in the details.

bunny and pelle

A helping paw has never been far away.


Little Heart Bunny has an adorable fluffy white tail. He has a pure heart - which I just now realised was more than befitting since White Rabbit is a servant of the Queen of Hearts. I always love me a bit of serendipity! - and a little lace collar. I'm quite pleased with the way Little Heart Bunny turned out.


Admittedly I'm quite hooked on this amigurumi thing, bunny has a little accessory which I'll show later plus I confess to having become a cake-making-addict. Oh woe. (On the other hand quite nifty when it comes to my "finish some small project every day-thing"...)


Anne said...

Men alldeles, alldeles underbar :)

parlbesatt said...

Om du är pedagogiskt lagd (det behövs) så vore det kul att tussa ihop dig med min yngsta, hon älskar också amigurumi och en del annat du tycker om.

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