Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my kind of hiatus


Someone a while ago resembled by blog to a classic Sunday supplement. A glossy corner where one can put one's feet up, relax, feel good. Philosophize on topicalities, rejoice over little grains of gold, enjoy delicious but still down to earth photos with no ambition to reshape the world.

Admittedly I was very pleased and matchingly happy to hear such kind words about my corner of the blogosphere - although I do want to reshape the world. A lot. I really do.

But as things are as they are right now - although 2011 IS going to be an awesome year, it is, really, really is, January is always a tough month to get through no matter what - having to concentrate on getting through the days, a day at a time, the 'deeper' or the longer kind of posts will have to wait. Because when I'm free (as free as one can be with thoughts of change constantly whirling inside my head) I have no inclination for longer, deeper blogging.

I can't even manage to read a book these days, words and concentration fail me like that. I wouldn't say I'm in a state of gloom and doom, but well, it could be better, it certainly could. For all the usual reasons.

I wish things could have a better flow, seems like my life (too long now) have had only shorter periods of that lovely "in the zone" flows, and when one feel the flow (as flow as things can be as things are) one (read I) can bet something very unflowish will turn its ugly head up and scream nasty stuff and demolish the lovely feeling of uninterrupted kind of flow.

What I was trying to get to via all this (detour, detour) is that I'm thinking it's quite likely I'll be having the same kind of blogging hiatus as I had in December 2009, not a real hiatus as such (because somehow I do like to express myself in some way every day, silly me), but it'll possibly only be a really short post each day. Or a short post most days. To try and get my writing mojo back, but still not completely loose the comfort and delight that is blogging and the blogosphere.

A bit like the 365days project, but with words too. Only fewer than I'd like.

A photo, a few words (a lot of yarn). The glossy corner feel good kind of words. The kind of thing that may not be world-turning but gets you in a, hopefully, good, relaxing mood. As Sunday supplements can do, when the regular newspaper just is too full of those horrific, heartbreaking things that the world seems to flow over with. Then on the glossy we rely, find comfort and a glimpse of simple little joy.

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