Tuesday, January 11, 2011

creativity spurt of the day


I've decided (definitely without the New Year's resolution thing) to try and finish some little project every day. However minor step for wom-mankind, a small everyday victory for me. It would be lovely if it could be something creative involving yarn, fabric, photography, text but I fear that may be too much. Possibly.

My little outburst of creativity (the all done and finished part) today was to finally assemble that long planned triptych of the original (photos in question more visible --->) cat-dog-sweetness from almost a year ago. Quite pleased with result.

Prunella and Malte, sometimes friends, sometimes herding, although always she adores him.

I'm thinking another good achievement of a day would be to go through a substantial portion of feed reader, old comments, reply, leave comments myself in places where one rarely do, maybe never done. That would also be nice, like comments left/replied always are. Much appreciated. Thank you, if you have yet to see me popping by leaving a comment, returning a kind comment, I want you to know I'm on it. It's just that I have an almost year of backlog concerning such, but I'm slowly working my way through it, sure am. Discovering *new* lovely places along the way. That certainly could be considered a creative spurt of the day.


Kea said...

That looks terrific! Now where shall you hang it? :-)

Cindy said...

What an interesting blog! I shall be popping back.

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