Saturday, January 15, 2011

the tulip day


January 15 is a day of mixed emotions, a day of extremities;

:: a day of sorrow over the senseless killing of wolves

:: the day of the tulip

:: 2011's first twitterjunta

Life's blessings and sorrows gathered on a bleak winter day.



Kea said...

I read the post about the wolf-cull and don't want to comment, because it makes me sick. Just wait till Canada's seal hunt starts again....Sigh.

But the tulips are lovely! Our city's greenhouse opens in Feb/March on Sundays, so the public can get a taste of spring -- I'll have to wait till then to see tulips and daffodils!

Stella said...

That was truly heartbreaking.
And the day of tulip could be somewhat a reminder.

Pia K said...

oh no, seal hunt... kea, i keep forgetting that canada has nasty habits like this when it comes to animals too... looks like sweden will be "charged with something-something" from the EU, but that doesn't help the 18 wolves that have already been killed this year. nor will the probable fines and sanctions be paid or felt in person by the nastiest of politicians and hunters that are responsible for the slaughtering, but by us all, all of us who cried no.

stella, it can indeed, i hope it will not...

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