Thursday, January 20, 2011

the sprig of spring

january 19, 2011 - spring sign sweden

Out in the garden the other day - which is truly a rather sad and horrific place at the moment, the snow half melted, showing a bit of green, frosty grass beneath, the rest still covered in snow, crust snow, icy snow, dangerous snow plus remnants of one loaf dog's doings during winter. That so much can come from one small dog, it never seize to amaze and appall me. I'm predicting a whole lot of garden work and cleaning to come... - I spotted this. One sprig, one little pussywillow. It really is way too soon for it I think, it should go back to sleep for yet a couple of months or so, but it really seems to be waking up. I love pussywillows, their little soft, fluffy, dazed appearances make me happy. And so another cycle, another year begins.


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