Thursday, April 07, 2011

properly introducing leonard and sissi, buddernut and plumlord


Time has come to properly introduce the two plus two still not really introduced bobbaloos - yes I'm well aware of them  having sort of taken over this blog, and I'm more than happy to let them do so, since my creative juices badly need re-charging as far as other matters are concerned, so bobbaloo here, bobbaloo there, bobbaloo most everywhere. They may be tiny small, they may sleep a lot, but they do know how to demand attention when awake or bored...  

Since Kismet and Jojo got such a long post of their own, it's not more than fair that these four guys got at least the same kind of introductory post. Even if there have been previous photo glimpses, magical sleeping pouches and such, they all have their little life-stories. As here follows;

leonard and sissi have arrived!

On March 23 Leonard and Sissi arrived - they obviously must have arrived jetplane-style since it only took 4,5 days to get from Minnesota to Sweden - Leonard is the little brother who is born before his big sister Sissi (that can happen in the bobbaloo-world). His creator Kit told about the misfortune where he lost part of his ears "when he was mistaken for a chunk of grass by Lars the goat, who  took a huge chomp off of what was some glorious Jacabunny ears. Leonard, after a few days in bed seemed himself albeit a bit shorter, but poor Lars the goat I fear will never recover."

Leonard likes "gardening (finally there's someone with green fingers living under this roof!), craves watercress and rutabaga salad, and adores bathing in the warm glow of a computer monitor". I'm so happy I snatched him in an open adoption, but it wouldn't be right for him to having travel all by his little self so I asked if there could possible be some little pink girl with a bunnykins who would like to travel with him.


And soon appeared Sissi, she isn't such a tiny li'l thing but she does have all the right features to fit in with the rest - "she enjoys a quiet evening, the warm blue glow of a computer monitor, a steamy hot cup of tea with short bread cookies (my kind of gal!), a bed time tuck-in with bunnykins and squidgee squeezles".

friday night bobbaloo debate

They soon had their first debate club with Kismet and Jojo. And they climbed the blueberry sprigs, doing a bit of pre-spring garden inspecting. As well as appeared on shoe per diem.

march 25, 2011 - leonard and sissi


They have hung high in their magical sleeping pouches, 
as well as being safely tucked in.


and so they were six. buddernut and plumlord have arrived!

And suddenly they were six, just a week later, March 30 (also by jetplane) arrived Buddernut and Plumlord. Three is a magic number, six is twice the magic. They were completely fearless, heading for the tulip bouquet immediately, not the least bit scared of the big redhead with fangs lurking in the background.

buddernut, plumlord and prunella


As it did turn out, Plumlord had a rather prominent tummy and the magical sleeping pouch ready and waiting didn't quite fit his rotund body shape. That has since been fixed. 


Buddernut (also known as Bud) is a stylish Jacabunny fella in a blue scarf (and oh do we love scarves in this house!) who also is fond of
 lounging in the soft glow of a computer monitor after a long day in the garden, craves tea and crumpets, and adores squeezles.


While his sturdy purple companion Jacabob Plumlord agrees with the greatness of computer glow warmth, tea and squeezles, he is more of a romp in snowy garden followed by full English breakfast fella (as told by Kit).

The six of them get along famously. They have their debate club, chitter-chatter all through the nights, they enjoy apple buns, like to climb green things and flowers, to explore garden, they invoke spring as much as they can, like red, fast things and they don't appreciate love poems on toilet tissue.


Come summer there will be exciting travel adventures in Europe for a selected couple of these bobbaloos, their own Bobbaloo's Travel Cabin is already waiting.



Anonymous said...

I'd love to buy one of these darling creations and am eagerly awaiting the shop reopening!

Angella said...

I am in love. These have to be the cutest creations ever.

Felis said...

"so bobbaloo here, bobbaloo there, bobbaloo most everywhere." Yes, but I like that. :)

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