Saturday, April 16, 2011

hey mr disgruntled


Cleaned the little furry boys' room today, vacuuming, mopping, swabbing, dusting, well, pretty much the semi-complete makeover after a long winter - someone was very displeased about having to spend most of the day in sunny (or shady, whatever one prefer) garden. Because  o f c o u r s e  one should be able to spend time in- or outdoors as one kitty cat pleases, not being
f o r c e d to be outdoors like that, on a perfectly springy, sunny, pleasant day.


Therefor, I Rutger, spent all day lying in the sage shrubs. No, not too pleased, not at all. Disgruntled is my middle name. Do not disturb.


In case you've missed it, tomorrow, Sunday,
is the last day to enter the little
perky mushroom giveaway,
read more here ~


Elephant's Child said...

A past pussy of ours used to say mung, mung, mung when disgruntled and I hear that coming from this post.


Esme said...

Mr. Disgruntled is darling. I like your black and white photos of him.

Pia K said...

awww, that sounds like a sweet sound, and perfectly acceptable way to deal with wrongful matters, elephant's child:)

thanks, esme!

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