Sunday, April 03, 2011

hurry up and spring come shout the bobbaloos


Looking out the window at one of the most depressing garden sights ever - one might call it ugly-spring - it's difficult to comprehend that this garden in a month or two will be (oh yes it will, it really will, it really have to...) a non-marshy, green, lush, turd-alert free zone (one small loaf-dog and a very long, rich in snow winter can achieve great things together...).

Oh yes, we are all very, very eager to welcome spring for real, for sure, humans, cats, dog and bobbaloos!

The latters little facial expressions and unique postures really make me most happy and giggly - which you might have gathered by their recent very commonly occurrence here in blog - and into the garden, where no cat will venture at the moment (too weather/dirt finicky for that), the bobbaloos bravely go.

Kismet and Jojo, Sissi and Leonard, they have now been joined by Buddernut and Plumlord. Bud being a style-conscious fella with a snazzy scarf, Plum sporting a rather rotund shape (which made the magical sleeping pouch waiting for him too small for comfortable fit) but being a surprisingly agile and eager climber of things.

They have been up to all sorts of interesting things already, but as I'm more than a tad pressed for time finishing things for the week to come, this will be a shortish-bobbaloo-post for this day.

So Happy Sunday, happy first week of April,
I hope there will be many occasions for laughters and smiles ~


Erica said...

Have you ever visited I think the bobaloos and the milk toofs might have some mighty fun adventures should they ever meet.

just jane said...

Happy Sunday to you, too! Those bobaloos are just so cute!

Felis said...

Don't worry spring came here and we will tell the storks come to you as quickly as possible :)
(in my country we say that spring comes with storks).

Pia K said...

erica, i hadn't seen those before! mighty cute and yes, they'd probably have fun with the bobs:)

thank you, jane!

that's funny, felis, here the stork comes with babies, which of course also is a new beginning. busy animals, the storks:)

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