Wednesday, April 13, 2011

for the love of colours


I'm a person that never (well at least 99% of the times, there are exceptions known) wear black.

It started out as simply being a terribly impractical colour when a cat owner, but really, I personally find black incredibly boring, unimaginative and uninspirational in general.

I have a friend who mused over the fact that she always wore black when she was in her twenties, with age she began being more adventurous with colours and she also (in hindsight) realised that with the wearing of colour came an open mind. She had been more of a judgmental character when she was younger, when she loved wearing black clothes.

Myself I cherish a statement from Matthew Broderick's character in the 2004 version of "The Stepford Wives" when he says that black is only worn by neurotic career hags. Ah, that's incredibly hilarious, in my book of colours. (Not that I prefer the Stepford-wife-personality, oh no, those are about as attractive as neurotic career hags. In any colour.)

Be as that may (and I'm sure the wearer-of-black would protest), in my world one should always wear colour, it doesn't have to be bright and cheerful and in your eyes colours always, but the amount of moodlifting and inspiring good colours can do should never ever be underestimated!

Whenever I see a window display with exquisitely combined colours I do get all giddy with happiness. Whenever I step into a shop with gorgeous colours on the rails I immediately am in lust for more colours in my life. Yes, my love for colours is endless and passionate. They inspire me in ways words can't completely describe.

The downside with colours, if one should call it that, is that with wearing colours like I do, one might look overall perkier and happier than one is. It's interesting how easily one can deceive people with a perky, colourful outside, when the inside may be another sadder story.

Some days I dress perky, because I feel perky, others I dress perky because I need to cheer myself up and some days I really can't cheer myself up like that (and let people think I'm much chirpier than I really am). It just a day of gloom, inside out. But, as a general rule, life does feel much, much better in colours.

As is obvious when I look at my little, happy pile of clothes I've been most fortunate to get for spring/summer, applegreen and pink (which is the most lovely of colour combos there is, no protest!), red, raspberry red, green, turquoise, a dash of vanilla (and only because there were cats printed on that scarf, I mean, who can resist that?) and dots, lotsa dots. Ah, what's not to love in this pile? Springish, summery, happy pile.

And when autumn comes (long long time away) I have already some wonderful woolly project plans, like fabulastic Lovikka mittens in red and pink and tutti-frutti coloured socks. Oh for the love of colours. Extra prima ~


Kea said...

I tend to wear a lot of blues, from navy to lighter shades, because they look good on me. As does aqua and teal. I look like death warmed over in black, just the wrong skin tone, so I only wear it on the bottom.

I do like to add colourful scarves or funky jewelry, though, for something interesting and for splashes of colour.

Felis said...

Аs a photographer you know that there are many black tones so as not so boring ;).
I very like the cats printed scarf.
I won the blogoversary anniversary so it's not seems appropriate to participate again, good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

I agree! I shy away from black preferring earth tones. I like browns and greens, blues and oranges!

Lolai said...

I LOVE black and wear it all the time, but I always mix it with other colors. And think black can make a red or aqua stand out even more. :)

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