Tuesday, April 26, 2011

shaved loaf, the spring 2011 version


Today only the shortest of posts, see that darn sore throat that got worse during the day (yesterday) has of course become a full-blown nasty cold with fever, cough and all sorts of blah. So today I'm desperately willing it away, since I have a two days' course Wednesday-Thursday that I really do not want to miss (have been wanting to get a spot at it for many months). So will, will, will away, please.


Now behold, from a very shaggy, matted, messy li'l loaf to one newly shaved.


As said before, my dog-shaving-skills aren't top-notch, but at least they get the job done and little loaf having a fresher, lighter look for summer. Although I do prefer when the fur has grown a bit, this is like having a completely new dog in da house. A little sweet but rather strange puppy.

Last year there was a greenie bone for loaf and cake for people in celebration of spring/summer shave. This year wasn't nearly as fancy, just a little chewy treat for loaf for being a well-behaved and patient shavee.



Kea said...

Loaf probably feels much better without all that mass of fur. I think you did a great job, am impressed you can do it yourself, rather than having to take him to a groomer. He must be a very good boy!

I used to take Chumley in a few times a year and have his belly, butt and hind legs shaved. He was prone to matted fur and wouldn't let me brush him out. He *loved* being shaved, though! I remember once that the groomer (at the vet clinic) told me he'd like on his back, legs all splayed, while she shaved him. Other staff members would come and take a look, because apparently most of her cat clients weren't good with being shaved.

But for the brushing, well, the groomer had to put the cone on him so he wouldn't bite.

So three cheers for a well-behaved loaf dog!

RJR said...

He looks to be a much younger, handsome chap now !!


thepowmill said...

Don't you just love them . Take care of yourself , too .

Erica said...

Aww, he looks so handsome! (Not that he didn't before!) I hope you feel better soon.

Monaco said...

I will get shaved next week as well. so nice for the summer! Get well soon

Åsa said...

Åh neej men söta du! Jag skrev för en stund sedan på fb om konferensen imorn (minns inte när var hur men tror jag sett vart du ska). Jag hoppas hoppas verkligen du är såpass ok att du kan gå. Inte ska några sketna baskilusker ställa till det så du hindras från ngt som iaf verkar väldigt kul, intressant och spännande.

Krya krya på dig!
Kramar från alldeles för långt borta i väster

ps - hehe, han ser nästan lite vilsen ut utan långa pälsen. Eller förlägen, som om att han just blivit tagen på sängen. Men det är nog skönt med lite "vårstädning" på alla möjliga sätt nu :)

The Elephant's Child said...

Good thoughts are going your way so that the lurgy leaves. Love the shaving job too.

Vibes said...

Hey Pia
Hope u get well soon and dont skip ur antibiotics! Btw, I love reading ur posts and I read them regularly 'coz they make me so happy! It would be nice if u could get a button for ur blog so that lovers or ur blog like us could proudly add it to our list of favorite blogs.. Hope u dont mind d suggestion..

P.S: Loaf looks younger :)
Take care!

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