Monday, April 18, 2011

monday blues

leonard and scillas

Today was the second time for root-filling and since the inflammation, according to Mr Dentist, needs time to heal it's still not a done deal. So I see a string of dentist's appointments over the months to come... Which will cause not only a sad me, but a very unhappy wallet.

But, I'm apparently a darn tough cookie; anesthesia, bah, only for weaklings.

blue skies in gustavsberg

On the bright side, I managed to fit in many a neat errands on my way to the dentist - including a couple of quirky gifts for M, who's birthday it is tomorrow. But since he's away on business, we'll do something extra special come Easter instead - had a nice lunch, the skies were incredibly blue, the sun shone generously, the winds were kind and the post root-filling outdoors fika was lovely.

post-rootfilling treat in gustavsberg

I've probably had too much coffee to get a good night's sleep (and tomorrow will be a both early and long day).

shoe per diem april 18, singular

But I seriously love this shoe-sock-colour-combo, blue nailpolish and the fact that I don't have to bother with the dinner today as there are plenty of leftovers from yesterday's most pleasant dinner.

So can we now agree on that this is as fun as this blog will be today? And that blues doesn't have to be an all bad, singular and unpleasant thing. And that things will get better. Because so says the sun.

And that the sweetest of bobbaloos are all made by Kit Lane and not me, but the magical sleeping pouches are by yours truly.

And that Easter is the bestest best of holidays (unpretentious, yellow, perky, springy, relaxing and long).Yes, I think we can.


The Elephant's Child said...

Love the shoe, sock combo. Very cheering.

Megan said...

just letting you know that I gave you an award on my blog! :)

Megan said...

just letting you know that I gave you an award on my blog! :)

Pia K said...

thanks, elephant's child!

and thank you kindly for that, megan!

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