Tuesday, April 12, 2011

another squeaker bites the dust


This time it was a poor duckie, it may have been the shortest squeaker toy life-span in this loaf dog residence. I think we're talking 10 minutes max, before there was squeaker no more.


Then there was tug of war. Somehow I don't think this duckie will be joining Hip Hippo and the Funky Squeakers.

Before boredom hit Little Loaf, and he began inspecting the winter tired pots, with all his demeanour having strong opinions about them not being home of earthiness and flowers already.


Oh, it has indeed been a hard day's work for one little scruffy loaf dog extraordinaire.


Kea said...

Such a hard day's work deserves treats, in our books!

-Nicki and Derry :-P

dizzyme said...

Oh he's such a cute dog!

P.K said...

Squeakers do have a very short life regrettably. He is a very cute destroyer.

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