Monday, April 04, 2011

monday short musing


Today has just been a crazy busy writing day, writing of not so pleasant things as blog matters, and I do believe I'm all written out - and I'm still not finished for the "day"...

I did have a crocheting-of-granny-squares-for-magical-sleeping-pouches-and-eating-a-surprise-semla-midday-break (which was pretty awesome), but other than that, not much inspiration for anything blogworthy. Some days sadly are like that. But tomorrow, oh tomorrow there will be tale told and photos shown of afternoon tea in a charming milieu. But for now, on this tired Monday just this short musing.

And, for some odd reason, surprise, a Kismet bobbaloo ~


1 comment:

DonDonTootles said...

this inspires me to pick up the needle since all I have is free time. Blessed!

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